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How to improve (by little) your DWL-900AP+

English article (look, there is no italian version)


Ok guys, you are happy with your brand-new DWL-900AP+... you spent all the day trying to find the best position to surf when you watch TV, in the bedroom, in the bathroom (time is essential), in the garden or... wherever you are... and then you just want more ! cause your signal is OK but only if noone else is in the room couse that extra human body is assorbing the waves keepeng you in the dead zone...

The results

This hack i think is well known (maybe there was the need of translation, i found it in an italian forum), it's also quite easy, and you can gain 3 db extra (!) without opening the box or soldering resistors or flashing strange firmware (they have nothing so strange, but if something go wrong you loose the AP).

First, lets see the result you get:

Look at the three last bars: two are at 17 dbm 100% power, the last is at 20 dbm, looking on the picture seems a too little gain, well 3 dbm extra are 3 dbm and in telco i do not want to waste nothing; the signal look stonger and more stable, just as 3 dbm more would do.


I think there are various ways to get this, i did this one and worked:

  1. Download and install Mozilla
  2. Menu tool-> Web development-> DOM inspector
  3. In the address bar write: (or the correct IP you have for your AP)
  4. Menu search-> Select element by Click
  5. Search for the power combo box, just a single click on it, it should blink red
  6. Open the SELECT node (double click), it is in the window over the browser tab
  7. Choose the first sub node
  8. Into the panel on the right there is the "nodeName" and "value" setted at 17
  9. Right click on it, write 20 instead of 17
  10. On the lower panel, the broser panel, click the usual green "apply"
  11. Enjoy the extra power !

My hardware

I have a DWL-900AP+:

  • H/W: C2
  • firmware 3.07b2

Extra files

Download the 3.07b2 firmwave i'm using. [only for rev C1-2 hardware]

In the end

  • Did you liked it ?
  • did you tryied it ?
  • Did it work ?
  • do you have another way to do thevalue change ?

...feel free to mail me [really ;) for whatever reason, even only to say "hy, it worked, bye"]!