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Tutorial - How To Do
Tech Explanation
Additional Files


Additional Files

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Here i'm posting various file i found usefull to s-video, more tech information from the sector, manufacturers, links and test image. Feel free to suggest me more materials or to include some of yours ! eg: your display, images you are getting, photo of your adapters, whatever will be greatly appreciated !


Intersil Image Separation Tecniques - [.rar] App Note high tecnical, high quality
some notes - [.rar] about video signals
Maxim/Dallas video basic - [.rar] other guide in video


People reported also this schema as working:

(1) Y-ground------------------+
--- --- - -- -- ----------------+---------- RCA/composite ground
(2) C-ground------------------+

(3) Y-------------------------+
----- - - - - ----------------- +--------- RCA/composite video
(4) C------------||-----------+
---- - - - - ----470pF

Some downloadable images (right click, save link as for the full res version):

Just a color bars --> to quickly evalutate detail loss

Iteresting to see how it appears on TV and on Pc monitor --> to quickly evalutate detail loss

Old Tv test page --> to quickly evalutate detail loss

Some bars --> to quickly evalutate detail loss

Strange artifacts


ePanorama - got something too, similar to my system
scart connector pin-out - complete pin out
Wikipedia s-video - info
Wikipedia composite - info




Question, info, suggetion, report ? did it worked, burns? fires? B/W again? totally black? ... maybe... COLORS !!!! mail me ! say something, to ask... or just because it is working :) let me know ! pleaseeeeee ;)