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How to do: Complete Tutorial

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This is our well know friend... Laptop ---> sVideo ---> cable ---> Scart Adapter ---> Tv ---> B/W... Damn !

This one i have has all the connectors needed, s-video, audio and video composite plus IN/OUT switch (SCART standard is bidirectional)

And this is the embedded scart

This is a closeup view, take note of the numbers of each pin

Now, how to turn this into a "color model":

Open the unit, mark the 20 and 15 pins and SOLDER them togheter ! that's all !

Standard tools: essentially the solder and other tools for which i don't now the translation... :D

Carefully open the unit, now screws... damn melted plastic !

Find the right side, how messy wires ! so confusing, signal losses...

Closeup view, this is the best place where to solder a small wire. I know, it looks like sh*t, BUT it's working pretty goood ! There is so little space to work...

Link the s-video

And the TV (uh oh, need to clean :)

Set the TV as primary Output, set the video location (for me it's italy = PAL_B), i've an ATI IGP320 (integrated graphics). Truly talking... there is a small procudure to warm things up. I power the laptop, then the tv, put the cable on s-video, then selected background properties and, by the video drivers, selected the available TV out. There's NO NEED to link everithing up, then power the TV, then the notebok. No, really.

Here we are ! colors !!! ahhhh, it's working, it's working !!

Oh yes ! to close it, just wrap some schotch because of no screws...

Now you can choose to go back and enjoy your TV or read more technical detail ;)

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Question, info, suggetion, report ? did it worked, burns? fires? B/W again? totally black? ... maybe... COLORS !!!! mail me ! say something, to ask... or just because it is working :) let me know ! pleaseeeeee ;)