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Cactus Power

You are entering a world of strange...

Wow, ok, i'll be really short, "Do cactus produce electrical power" ?

(yes i know, "do androids dream electrical sheeps?"... )

Yes... no ? (about the cactus !)

Just check out the video !

Notice 1: it's just a small video, made with a notebook and a webcam in a low light room, so don't blame too much (al least) for the poor^2 quality... we are working on it ! (daddy, xmas is coming....)

Notice 2: i used Movie Maker and the file is a .wmv (unfortunately)... i know.. (shame) but i needed a quick&dirty way to put everything together (fast), and i found no other programs that can do as good as Movie Maker... but i need an equivalent program that can save in .avi so i can encode with other more open codecs; sure i need also capture, subtitles, a little of video effects, transitions and authorithing... do you know something ? can you tell me about it ? i will very very thank you ! :)

Back again, download, discuss, blame, flame it and/or whatever you would like to do...

(click the image - 6 Mb)

..... but remember...

enought of it ? have you got question ? something to say ? then...

Off course 1, you can repost this video whatever you want, just don't cut/modify it, that's all !

Off course 2, why don't you try with your own plants ?

comments are welcome an really appreciated !

P.S. No animals where harm during the make of this video.